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5x5 football pitch, sports facilities mini soccer 5x5 Mykonos. In our sports facilities in Korfos Mykonos, every visitor of all ages can play football in contemporary spaces and safe!
First of all it can to make the team (with at least five players) or to participate in organized tournaments or play independently at any time of the day wished, since there is evening lighting. At the same time there are all the facilities for the convenience of (changing rooms and cafeteria - canteen where they can get some relaxation and fun).
Finally we can accommodate with great pleasure children's parties that combine football with fun for the little ones. In our refreshment parents can spend a few hours of rest and relaxation. Our sports center is the favorite haunt of leisure in Mykonos. When you come to our famous island, do not forget to visit us. We are appealing to all those who demand the right sport for your daily ethos, consistency and above all love to promote healthy sporting spirit and fair play.